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WaterWineWine revised guidelines laying


None of the Dubai’s Galleries Lafayette visitors could go past the conceptual favors - elegant pair of glasses that are inserted into the array of 25 karat gold. The founders of the notorious brand WaterWineWine - Eva Rockmer and Philippe Garnie, invented an original way to redefine the concept of glasses without feet, creating for them a rather unusual base. According to legend, Madame de Pompadour preferred to drink champagne only from these glasses."They say that once in the XIX century, the traditional glass of champagne was suddenly broken by happyless Marquis de Rishepans, in result he was forced to drain it in one gulp, because to put it was impossible," - says Eva Rockmer.

Nouveau entrepreneurs had no time to conduct market research before breeding to market their product, so they immediately offered a number of models of the original design, made from different materials. Porcelain, wood, slate, leather, rhinestone, and even concrete - materials that are appropriate for the collapse of traditional values and create a truly unique serving.

Funny set did not go unnoticed - immediately after the collection of the last Maison & Objet - the company received an order from the Galleries Lafayette for a batch of gift sets, which also include a bottle of champagne or sauterne in an unusual package, as well as a number of orders from high class hotels and expensive restaurants.

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