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Neo-fountain for Laura

Historically, wall fountains were part of the urban and suburban landscapes. For centuries they were decorated with urban gardens and rural areas."However, it seems that the modern alternative to the classical object in the market is clearly lacking," - says Claire Chopitel, founder of brand Laorus.

- This is a new niche market - the garden becomes a new space for living, so the terraces and their constituents - is now a growing market worldwide. According to the businesswoman, "fountains of the new model" must be harmoniously integrated into the natural environment and be at the same time functional and aesthetic. Create such a thing Claire invited designer Patrick Nadeau and he was able to realize her dream. A new fountain made from galvanized steel, varnished, heat-treated, released a limited edition and immediately gained popularity both among professionals and consumers alike. Due to this success, a line was enriched with ceramic fountain and a summer shower.

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