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LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair, organized by the LAPADA Association will be held on the 21 - 25 September 2011 in Berkley Square in London, in the very heart of Mayfair - not far from the BondStreet and Piccadilly.

Traditionally, the exhibition presents superb examples of antique English furniture, jewelry, silverware, modern and classical paintings, sculptures, antique porcelain, carpets and tapestries, objects that have artistic merit and miscellaneouscollectibles.

To relax after a busy day in the exhibition, to have lunch with friends or make important business meeting will bepossible in gourmet LAPADA Rhubarb Restaurant, served by one of the best catering companies in London - Rhubard and opened exclusively for guests of the exhibition. For more informal meetings during the day will be open Rhubarb Cafe, which could be visited without an appointment.

Those who can't imagine the purchase of antiques without an accompanying glass of champagne, will be pleased to visit Mortons Terrace Champaign Bar, located right on the Berkley square under the famous sycamore trees, organized by one of the most popular private clubs in the Mayfaair area - Mortons.

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