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Another joys of Chantal Thomas


You can like or dislike the famous designer of luxury lingerie Chantal Thomas, - but you could not to be indifferent! She is absolutely sincere in her perception of women as the quintessence of luxury and seduction. Her passion for ultra-feminine style is unashamedly transfers to other objects of her work - whether it's furniture, porcelain, bottle of champagne or a washing machine.

Signature for her work magic mix of humor and glamor - attracted the attention of the famous French manufacturer of beds, the company Tréca. Just for this company Ms. Thomas built her collection of beds: "The pleasure - it's a bed of roses!".This limited edition, designed for glamorous girls, very tempting! Quilted, or made into a heart-shaped pillow, mattresses in a tick with patterns depicting wreaths and roses, the legs of beds in the form of black high-heeled shoose - in other words, there is something to think about decent girl.

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